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Welcome to über cool gifts, where we search the world for the most unique, high quality gifts, so you don't have to. We've got plenty of cool gifts for all occasions, so you're bound to find the perfect gift for that special somebody.


Amy and Grant


factory planter

factory planter

Designer Chiaki Murata has done it again with these three geometrical planters. Neither of Grant’s thumbs are green and even he has no problem keeping this grass growing. And no mowing!

I love bringing the outdoors inside, and this is a perfect way to do it. You can stack them sideways, on top of one another, or just by themselves. I have four stacked together, and they are such an eye catcher. These planters are so clean and lovely.  They’re just perfect for summer, and they are priced quite reasonably too.

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hang it up

Hanger Chandelier

I love whimsical things! Sue me. And when I saw this brand new product from designer L’Air de Rien, I immediately smiled. Not only is this chandelier quite the conversation piece, it also would make a lovely addition to any home. You can add as many hangers as you’d like to make your own personal light fixture.

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romantic men’s ring

jeanine payer alden ring

As you know, I’m quite selective bordering on fickle when it comes to jewelry. However, when I saw this ring, I fell in love.

Designed by Jeanine Payer, her Alden ring is inscribed with Milton’s quote from Paradise Lost, “To love or not; in this we stand or fall.” How romantic is that?! I highly recommend looking at this for the special man in your life.  It also comes in 18K gold, and it’s a gift that is both masculine and classic.

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astronaut suit

astronaut suit

How cute is this authentic looking astronaut suit? It’s the perfect gift for any kid with an active imagination.  After all, what child doesn’t want to grow up to be an astronaut?

Of course, adults like to have their fun too, and these 100% polyester suits also come in adult sizes as well, making for the perfect Halloween costume for mom or dad. The helmet is sold separately, but the suit comes with an official embroidered NASA cap. Fun for kids of all ages! Check it out here… Child’s Astronaut Suit

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art aquarium

wall aquarium

Who says that fish tanks have to be dull? This one is a piece of art! The Aqua Vista Wall Aquarium is a clever and attractive fish tank that hangs on the wall like a framed painting or flat screen TV. It comes fully assembled and even includes a vivid interchangeable background. You can also pick from different colored wood frames. A fun addition to any room! Check it out here… Aquarium/Frame-Classic Libra

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custom record bowl

Custom record bowl

This is super neat AND green! I love recycling things in clever ways, and this is one of the cleverest ideas I’ve come across in quite some time. Many of us have a stack of record albums just laying around taking up space, so why not take one of your non-classics and turn it into a bowl? I actually have one of these and just love it. My guests always get a kick out of it, and instead of collecting dust in the basement, I have an attractive conversation piece in our game room! Check it out here… at UncommonGoods

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table top fireplace


Okay, how cool is this new product?! And stunning?! This oil burning table top fireplace actually gives off warmth as well as light. The stainless steel “logs” and slate bottom make an exciting addition to any table (inside or out).

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swing with the plants


I had to get this the second I saw it. And one never to keep a great find to myself, I’m passing it on to you! The seat to this swing is cleverly designed to double as a planter, allowing whatever you choose to plant to grow up the ropes. What a romantic and unique addition to any garden. I think I’m going to plant night jasmin in mine.

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turntable cufflinks

Turntable cufflinks

Bring back the 70′s! Those of us old enough to remember when music really rocked will LOVE these clever sterling silver cufflinks. I never thought I’d say it, but “how retro”. One of Grant’s prized possessions is his 45 record collection, and now when he gets dressed to go to the office he can take a little bit of it with him. Who says cufflinks need to be boring? Rock on!! Check them out here… at UncommonGoods

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two of a kind ring

two of a kind ring

Grant sees broken, I see perfect! Delivered in one piece, this romantic porcelain ring is meant to be broken by you and the one you love into two perfectly matched rings. Can you get more simple or sweet? I’m in love with Frederik Roije, the clever designer! Shhh… don’t tell Grant.

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